Overcoming Procrastination – 5 steps

"You're not lazy. You are not unproductive. You're just a part-time procrastinator like all of us. You're not shortsighted. You're not unmotivated. Like all of us, you're simply struggling to embrace short-term work for long-term benefits".
Christopher D. Connors

Christopher D. Connors shows us how all of us are naturally inclined to put off our biggest goals, largely because it takes longer to reap their benefits. He developed five criteria to focus on in an effort to yield higher returns of productivity.

Connors explains how so much of modern productivity research center around your need to focus on the “process” and to enjoy the journey, rather than eyeing an end-goal or prize. But he says that you definitely must have goals. “Visualize that prize which awaits you for all your hard labor and willingness to rise to meet old and new challenges each day”. 

Big dreams need goals and big goals need a game plan that is seeded with emotional intelligence and long-term vision. How do we avoid procrastination in order to become the most productive woman or man we can possibly be? Follow this 5 steps (C.D. Connors). 

1. Stop making excuses

this begins with what we tell ourselves, and invest in a book or educational course that expand your mind

2. Increase work

Position yourself to increase the work or activities that ignite the fire inside of you while decreasing the boring things.

3. Make a plan

Always have a step-by-step plan for mundane tasks. There will always be the mundane tasks and urgent matters that require our attention.

4. Treat yourself

Put a carrot in front of you- have a treat to look forward to, a light at the end of the tunnel, that inspires you to keep going.

5. You are valuable

Extract value out of each activity by defining how what you do will align with your values, dreams and five-year plan.

Nuria Canizalez

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