The Last Stroke

A single decision will change your life forever.

When we go through a crisis, do we capitalize on the crisis, do we upload it to our resume, or what do we do? People are constantly looking for a full life without problems, with dreams come true, in love, work, family, finances, however, this does not mean that they will be exempt from crisis, but they can capitalize on the crisis, and make decisions that change the life as they know it so far.

So during a crisis, they cannot afford not to give the last stroke, one last effort, another round, determination under pressure. A simple decision, a change of thought, will generate a cosmic blow, and will positively affect the personal future and that of many.

At the Sydney Olympics, the American wrestler Rulon Gardner determined that he could win the favorite, the Russian Alexander Kareline, known as Kin-Kong, who had never lost a battle in the last thirteen years. And he won the medal. Misty Iman, an unknown swimmer, snatched the title from Sussie O’Neill in the two hundred meters, O’Naill had the world mark in her specialty, until someone determined she could beat him. In Munich, in 1972, in the ten thousand meter race, the Swedish Lasse Viren rolled on the ground. The rest of the competitors took fifty meters of advantage, but Lasse rejoined. He didn’t go there to stay eighth or ninth, or ask for a second chance. So he did not lie on the track, kept running on the track and reached his rivals. He reached the finish line first and broke the world record: 27 minutes and 38 seconds.

The crisis is the great opportunity. Even if you feel the tastelessness of your failure in love, even if the disease progresses, even if you have not raised the money, do not stop. Do not let the crisis steal the opportunity to achieve your dreams. Take advantage of the crisis to give the final stroke, to make the decision that will make a difference in your life, change your thoughts, a determination can make the difference between failure and success, change your life forever.

Nuria Canizalez

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