What we are determines how we see others and our surroundings – Let’s make a difference!

Do you remember the popular saying “The Lion judges by its condition”? Referring to what we are or our experience, this is how we are seeing others and our surroundings. This is not bad or good, it simply makes the difference between whether the relationship with others and influence is successful and beneficial or not.

Have you ever started a job and someone who has more time working in that place has warned you to be careful with some people in the organization? This has happened to me several times. In one of the organizations in which I worked as an executive director, during the first working meeting with some managers, I received the warning to be careful with some people on the team. I also had to fire the general administrator if I wanted to succeed in my management. After some years of experience as a leader, I knew that the people who were problematic for them would not necessarily be problematic for me and I decided to know them more deeply. Carlos, the financier, who was of that kind of people with black humor but with an extraordinary ability to analyze the numbers, became one of the most valuable pillars during my administration, along with Rosamaría, the administrator, whom I never fired, because besides being an excellent administrator, she had a unique ability to interact assertively with people. Rosamaría ended up being my right hand and one of my best friends.

The factors that influence the construction of who we are and how we are are determined in part by our genetic load, the image we have built of ourselves, the experience of life, the attitude towards life, the ability to overcome setbacks, what we read and who we interact with.


If we agree that what we are or how we are determine what we see, what we do and how we influence others, I invite you to see within yourself through the following questions: Do you think you are one of those people? who maintain a positive or negative attitude to the circumstances of life ?; Is it often easy for you to trust people and make friends ?; In general, how would you describe your work experiences or interpersonal relationships ?; Do you think about the person you would like to become and how would you like to influence others?


If we want to see something change, let’s start by knowing ourselves and be the first to change. Let’s make a difference!

Nuria Canizalez

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