What you have is just what you need, just need to take it out!

If one day you wake up and realize that you are living a different life from the one you had dreamed of or simply believe that you have already achieved what you wanted and now you need to make a change,  make something different, that will lead you to reach your full potential, then It is time to do something to achieve it.

The first step is to recognize that the way you have done things until today is not the only way to do them, nor is it always the best, because you will be letting go of new ideas. The second step is to remember that you have hidden treasures within you, that are waiting to be released, abilities, skills, gifts that you have never used. As William James (philosopher and psychologist) said, “The human being lives within its limits has powers of various kinds that are not used to use.” Third step: use your talents, “The most important thing is not what you have inside, but what you get”

You are full of resources within you, new businesses, inventions, movies, songs, unwritten books; Do not die with your treasure inside you, you have something to offer that nobody else has, you are not wishing to have someone else’s gift or a title to achieve it. You have just what you need, the personality and the skills required, to reach your full potential. Steve Jobs, a visionary and entrepreneur, was able to devise “impossible” products that altered the way of using the Internet via mobile without being an engineer. The redesign and sold with unmatched skill, without being a marketer or career manager.


It is not too late, you are not very old, do not stay out of the way, do not settle for seeing how others achieve their dreams, focus, focus, passionate and take the necessary steps. Use the resources you have inside you, compromise your body, your heart and your mind.


 Take out what you have inside of you!

Nuria Canizalez

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